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About Me

My name is Christine Kaberna.  I have a family and am busy just like you.  I can relate to your daily challenges.  Let me help you live a balanced and healthy life, for yourself and your entire family



I started my career in the corporate fitness industry training business executives on how to be physically healthier and how that would allow them to be better leaders.  Whether you are leading a company or a family, I can help increase your vitality so you can be more effective in any setting.


I am a certified personal trainer with nearly 20 years of experience.  I have run a marathon, competed in body building and live a very active lifestyle.  How can I help you?



Do you wonder what do to about your overall health and feel like the HEALTH CARE SYSTEM is failing to help you?


Sadly the system is designed to help you once you are sick.  With HEALTH COACHING you can improve your odds of staying healthing and not getting sick.  You just need a simple plan that you can live each and every day.


With a Masters in Public Health from The Ohio State University and years of experience, I am uniquely positioned to first understand your goals and then help you achieve them.



Want a customized workout plan that you can take while you travel?  With my custom online workout solutions, you can take your workouts anywhere in the world.  


Don't let distance or travel hold you back from your health and wellness goals.  We can connect and work together anywhere!

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